Khentsa Steel is a 100% Black Owned manufacturer of Thermal Lancing Tube and Oxygen Lancing Tube that is supplied into a wide range of industries.

These lancing tubes are utilised in the continuous production processes for copper, demolitions, ferroalloys, platinum, scrap-cutting and steel making. The products are used for cutting and predominantly utilised during the tapping process in the foundries and smelting plants. These lance tubes are used to open holes in blast furnaces, induction furnaces and oxygen furnaces.


Our lances are produced using quality A-grade SAE1008 material from our local producer mills, which makes them proudly South African products.

Our production processes have been refined and aligned to ensure that our customers receive a product of the highest quality and standards.


Khentsa Steel manufactures three types of Oxygen Lancing Tubes and Thermal Lancing Tubes namely, Open Ended Lance Tubes, Flared Lance Tubes and Wire-Packed Lance Tubes in a range of lengths and diameters. Our Flared Lances have a unique non-slipping connector addressing the stop-start effect during production, therefore improving efficiency in the continuous casting processes in smelter and foundry environments. All lances are processed and adapted to customer specifications and requirements.

Khentsa Steel also supplies LANCING EQUIPMENT AND ACCESSORIES, including but not limited to: